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Zach Buxton

2006 to 2009


Education: 2009

Favorite memory:Zach Buxton

My favorite memory as T.C. was during the 2005 women's basketball season. Fellow TC, Drew Van Woert, and I were working a Saturday afternoon women's game at the West Gym. As TC, I would always rock out to the pep band's rendition of Metallica's "Enter Sandman." The band came to recognize TC's affinity for the song, so they'd wait until I (as TC) was out on the floor to play it. I had been in suit the entire first half and I was extremely tired and resting in the wrestling locker room when I heard the beginning notes of "Enter Sandman." I threw on the head and ran out to do a little head banging for the band. The song ended, and I felt I had slighted the pep band's dedication to TC. To amend things, I picked up a basketball and started do some typical mascot antics around the hoop. I made a few shots, missed a lot of them and everyone thought I was up to the usual TC behavior. Already being tired and playing basketball in the suit, I decided to head back into the locker room, but not before trying one acrobatic, Michael Jordan-esque reverse lay up. I prepared for the lay up, drove to the hoop, jumped, doing a 360 degree turn and throwing the ball toward the hoop. I heard the clang and felt like an idiot, so I started doing one armed pushups to impress the crowd. Everyone clapped, screamed some obscenities and I went back into the locker room. I removed the head, plopped down on the floor and the locker room door opened. Drew came barging in and asked, "How did you do that?!"

"Well," I replied. "It's like normal pushups but with one arm."

"No. How did you make that layup?"

I couldn't believe it because I wouldn't make that shot in everyday life and I was just screwing around. Anyways, Drew and I got a good laugh out of another TC adventure! It was at least funny for us.