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TK or "The Kitten", joined the University of Northern Iowa in the fall of 2010 during Homecoming week. She debuted between the first and second quarters of the Homecoming football game! While many panthers look up to TC, some find him a little intimidating; this is where TK comes in! Many see TK as a smaller, gentler, and sweeter version of her 6’ 5” brother, but she’s also a little sassy and knows how to stand on her own (after all, she beat TC in their last free throw competition at a basketball game in front of everyone)! Although she boasts her girl power whenever TC’s around, she looks up to her big brother and has learned a lot by following his paw prints. TK is a UNI gem (specifically a diamond, according to her) and is proud to call UNI her home.


Height:  5’ 6”

Tail: 17 in. long

Paw size: 13.5 in.

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