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TC and TK Appearance Policies
  1. Please submit appearance requests at least two weeks prior to your eventFailure to do so limits the availability of TC & TK.

  2. An invoice will be sent out following the event. Payment is expected promptly after the invoice is received.

  3. private and lockable changing room must be available for all appearances that are longer than 45 minutes. Public rooms or public restrooms are not acceptable.  The private location for TC & TK is to protect the anonymity of the mascots.

  4. Each hour TC & TK must have a 15 minute break to rehydrate.

  5. TC and TK do NOT talk.

  6. Mascot suit will NOT be loaned or rented out.

  7. TC and TK will NOT go out in the rain.

  8. Appearance prices do not include mileage costs outside of Black Hawk county. Mileage is $0.59/mile/car roundtrip. Google Maps may be used to determine roundtrip mileage from the University of Northern Iowa. You may use 1227 W. 27th Street, Cedar Falls, IA, 50614, for the starting point.

  9. Parking should be provided if there is not easy access to free parking facilities nearby. Any payments made for parking by Team TC/TK will be charged in addition to the event fee.

  10. Completion of this form does not guarantee TC & TK can fill the request. We reserve the right to cancel an appearance for any reason.

                In the event of a time conflict, priority will typically be given to whichever request was received first.

                Except in rare circumstances, priority will be given to events hosted by UNI Athletics or a UNI Department/Student Organization.

If you have any questions, contact TC and TK's personal assistant at

  • TC & TK are trademarked characters of the University of Northern Iowa. When they are at appearances and events, photographs may be taken and used for personal use only. Companies, organizations, and individuals are not allowed to use photographs of TC & TK or any additional University of Northern Iowa marks for advertisements.

  • TC & TK's appearance at an event does not constitute promotion of any product, service and/or person by the University of Northern Iowa mascot program or the University of Northern Iowa.
  • Any misuse of photographs or sale of images alone may be a violation of the University of Northern Iowa's licensing of logos.
  • For more information on using the University of Northern Iowa logos for sale or promotion, please contact the University of Northern Iowa’s Athletic Department's Marketing department.
Contact Person
Event Information
Birthday parties include a gift bag for the one celebrating their birthday and beads for others in attendance.
Graduation parties include beads for the graduate and a card signed by TC and TK.
We reserve the right to determine the appropriate rate for events that do not fall under the listed categories.

The University of Northern Iowa, and by extension Team TC/TK, cannot officially endorse, represent, or affiliate with a political entity. This is to maintain neutrality in the political landscape. For more information, refer to UNI's policy on Political Activity.

Any appearance request that is affiliated with any partisan political fundraisers or events will be rejected.

No exceptions will be made.

If we do not have an outfit similar to what you request, the mascots will wear UNI gear.
If you are providing shirts for the mascots, please have an XL (TC) and a L (TK) available.