Official Home of the University of Northern Iowa Mascots, TC and TK!

Nicole Combs

2010 to 2013

Security/Purrsonal Assistant

Education: Psychology Major with a General Business Concepts Minor

Favorite memory: It is thirty minutes before the football game during Family Weekend. Connie and I decide that since we are ahead of schedule, we’ll get the flag out and have everything ready to go. We go out there and the flag is gone! It is time for TC to be on the field for pregame and we still don’t have the flag. The video is planning and TC and I are standing on the field getting ready to go. TC didn’t really know what he was going to do. At the end of the video, Connie comes sprinting across the field with the flag rolled up and throws it to me yelling “don’t ask!” Hells Bells have started and I am standing there with a rolled up flag and TC is just looking at me. I frantically unroll the flag, yell at the Pep Crew person to help me and miraculously get the flag unrolled in time for TC to run the flag. Great memory but it shaved 10 years off of Connie and mine’s lives.

Nicole with TC