Official Home of the University of Northern Iowa Mascots, TC and TK!

Nick Stanford

2011 to 2015

Position on the Team

TC and Security

Favorite Memory with Team TC/TK

Literally all of it, but my favorite memory has to be when I was TC for a volleyball game on (or around) Halloween in 2014. TC was hanging out in the student section when all of a sudden he turns around and sees two little boys dressed up in home-made TC costumes sprinting toward him at full speed. TC dropped to his knees with open arms as if to say "To me, my sons! To me!" and wraps them up in the biggest panther hug. This is by far my favorite moment, and I'm able to watch it over and over again on TC's Facebook page.

Favorite UNI Tradition

Being UNI's hairiest and most energetic tradition.


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