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Karl Baresel

2009 to 2013


Education: TESOL: German Education

Favorite memory: There are too many great memories to pick one favorite. In 2009 I got the chance to travel with the Spirit Squads to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Sweet 16 Tournament after UNI took down #1 Kansas. The pride and spirit for UNI was amazing. All the way down to Saint Louis, Missouri we had cars full of panther fans cheering at us. The panthers took Saint Louis by storm and it was really exciting to be leading them as TC. I will always remember being on the court in front of thousands of fans. I think my all-time favorite memories of TC are the little things: sliding down the bleachers in the McLeod Center, showing up to a surprise birthday party, hugging alumni, messing around with the pep band, doing the interlude, giving a high-five to a young panther fan, etc. These are the moments I will remember most of all.

TCKarl with TCTC