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Justin Stockdale

1997 to 1998


Education: 1998TC alumni Stockdale

Favorite memory:

Making two free throws (in a row) shooting “granny style/underhanded” during the halftime of a men’s basketball game. I couldn’t even see the hoop!
In general, being able to be an ambassador of good will for the University was something I took a lot of pride in.  Many folks don’t recognize the positive impact TC makes in the community and MVC Conference.
After serving the remainder of the year, I asked my brother Matt to assume the duties.  He was an incoming freshman at the time and began his “UNI Days” in the fall of 1998.  
Matt’s first practice run was at an event held at the Kmart on University.  He was brutal!  He could hardly walk in the costume and kept running into people and tripping on items located throughout the store. I kept telling him to pick up his knees.  Needless to say, Matt was the first person to take TC to the national stage when he qualified as a finalist in the National Mascot of the Year competition. He improved so much from that first run at Kmart!