Official Home of the University of Northern Iowa Mascots, TC and TK!

Jennifer Michel

2016 to 2019

Position on the Team

Security and TC

Favorite Memory with Team TC/TK

One of my favorite things was running the flag and being in the pregame huddle at basketball games, or messing with my friends in pep band or marching band. It's SO FUN to mess with friends when they don't know who is behind the mask.  One of my favorite memories was at one of the basketball games. It was the end of the fourth quarter, and both security and I were pretty tired. We were heading back to get changed when a little girl, probably around two years old, spotted TC from across the concourse. I instinctively got a little closer, then bent down on one knee to see if she wanted a hug. I have never seen someone so excited to see a mascot! She jumped up and down with joy and ran over to me as fast as her little legs could take her. Moments like that made my day.

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