Official Home of the University of Northern Iowa Mascots, TC and TK!

Chris Bowden

2010 to 2014


Education: Communication

Favorite memory: 

It's really tough to know where to begin! I originally started out in the program as a security member and I distinctly remember a basketball game in which TC was “stretching” to try and limber up before running the flag out during pregame. Sure enough, TC stretched his arms out just far enough to hit me right in the nose! Suddenly blood was running down my face and I had to run to the restroom while TC was waiting for the go ahead to run the flag out in front of the team. It's just a great example of the hilarious and ridiculous situations we seem to get ourselves into time after time!

During my time on the “other side” of the program we were awarded the Robert D. Ray Pillar of Character Award and had the opportunity to accept the award as a team in Des Moines. It was great spending the day with everyone and being able to accept the award as TC that evening. Even if TC and TK accidentally scared some guide dogs that were also being honored. Talk about another hot mess!

In the end it's the small things I'll remember most. From making kids smile, sneakily tapping people's shoulders, or even sweating more than I ever thought possible, it's been an experience I'll always cherish.

Chris as TCChris and TCTC